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Clare Lavell Founder Image - Clare Lavelle


I have worked in the creative industry for 25 years, working globally and locally on large and small scale projects throughout my career.  Aniseed was founded to write my own story. Create my own future. To work with people that want to affect change through creative branding solutions, especially in this crazy new world we live in.

I have had the opportunity to work with some great businesses and I understand the impact that well thought out brand solutions can make. Get in touch for a chat, I'll look forward to it.

Clare Lavelle

Founder, Director


Create. Visual. Stories. Impact.
Design. Brand. Strategy. Voice.
Thought. Learn. Listen. Human. 
Empower. Equal. Diverse. 
Mission. Cause.  Collaborate.
Converse. Humour. Solution.

Aniseed Creative.

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