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Consultation services

Discovery consultation

Brand workshops

Visual brand strategy

Business naming

Tone of voice

Brand personality

Brand identity

Brand and web review

Design services

Brand identity - logos, colours, fonts, icons, imagery, content, type, illustration, infographics, implementation 


Design for print/digital - brochures, posters, leaflets, adverts, branded documents, annual reports, ebooks, iPDF


Social media - social post design for all platforms, social campaigns, social templates, custom headers

Design for web - web layout, wireframes, content, web assets, web infographics

Large display - exhibition, rollerbanners, signage, directional signage



Working with agencies, marketing consultants, social media organisations, print facilitators
and web developers.


Contact for freelance services and to check availability.

Freelance services include artworking, design for digital and print and brand consultation.


Design retainers give you the flexibility of having an experienced designer on your team, getting to know your business intimately and ensuring your design needs are always a high priority. From looking after your social media graphics, web updates, visual communication across all marketing output to content creation and consistency quality checking.


There are many benefits to retained design for your business. For more information please contact

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