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Be Real Recruitment Branding

Be Real Recruitment is a bespoke recruitment business, founded by Sarah Porteous in 2020. Sarah is passionate about recruiting ethically for her clients and enlivens their company brand and culture. By drawing out key information and encouragement to speak boldly about their company culture and what would drive candidates to their business, which in turn allows them to find the right candidate for the job.


Sarah wanted to create a brand identity to reflect her mission to ‘recruit differently’. This became the key focus of the brand development. She also wanted to include a bee in the brand logo, a nod to community and the hive mind (multiple heads are better than one).


The brief was clear: to reflect Sarah’s vision of an honest recruiting process that cares about its candidates as much as the client itself. It needed to mirror the Be Real approach of going above and beyond. The hexagon is the primary asset. It not only builds the bee mark but also identifies with strength, the beehive (hive mind) and making the right connections.

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