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Hive Creation Brand Development

Hive Creation provides products and services that help entrepreneurs and business owners really master the operational day to day running of the business. The mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed, and ultimately get results.


The brief was specific and had to incorporate the “bee theme” which was important to Manchester-born, company owner, Claire McNeil.


Steering clear of obvious choices around the “bee theme”, the approach taken was finding the detail that was representative of Claire’s formal corporate background alongside the approachable business she and her team were building. This was accomplished by using a traditional racing green and a pink blush colour (a deliberate nod to a women-led business), to create a classic colour combination.


Assets were created around the produce of the bee, which is the nutritious and health beneficial honey, of course. Productivity is certainly one route to building a successful business. After researching honey and its benefits, there seemed a clear correlation between the corporate vs approachable aspect and had distinct commonalities, which became the overarching theme.


While the brand identity was developed, Claire has joined forces with Allison Dore, formerly of Hitachi and Hello Friday. These two amazing businesswomen are now heavily focused on providing comprehensive, easy-to-use tools that enable business owners, specifically in the property sector, to operate their businesses successfully.


Sub-brands were added, with continuity and consistency in mind, working with the master brand identity, and flexing to work individually where needed.

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