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People Get Real Special Edition

DJ’s People Get Real (PGR) required a cover for their Special Edition Album, The Manifesto, which was produced by their label Join Our Club. It features artists such as Monoblok, Pslktr, John Tejada and David Blake. PGR are passionate DJ’s with diverse music tastes which they bring to the table when working their gigs around the world. Join Our Club has gone from strength to strength and PGR have worked with some of the leading DJ’s and artists going.


Aniseed was asked to create a cover that was not the obvious. To do this, the Join Our Club mark is used to create a “sprinkling” across the sleeve giving a feminine touch, which gives a juxtaposition to being two male DJ's. Their music is diverse and this was a nod to that diversity. This was reflected in the record tote bag.

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