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Pure Plants Brand Development

Pure Plants is a Hexham-based plant supplier, and founder Julie Barugh has a very clear mission – to provide peat-free and sustainable plants that is guilt free to enjoy.


Peat is the single biggest store of carbon in the UK, capturing 20 years of all UK CO2 emissions, and most importantly keeping it out of our atmosphere. Peatlands store nearly 550bn tonnes of carbon – twice as much as the world’s forests. Extracting peat releases stored carbon back into the atmosphere, which accelerates climate change. The UN states that protecting peatlands is potentially one of the quickest wins in the fight against climate change.


Having previously worked on a moorland reserve with peat bogs, Julie had first-hand experience of the importance in maintaining and preserving this unique habitat. Sadly, most houseplants sold in the UK are still grown in peat. It is why Pure Plants’ beautiful houseplants are raised in a sustainable coir-based compost, using sustainable pot options.


With such a great mission, it was exciting to help promote Julie’s message through her brand development and promotional merchandise, to be displayed at fayre’s, fete’s, markets, and festivals.


The logomark was already established, however was tweaked to incorporate the new font Branch, which worked so well across the typography. The linked letters captured the movement of seedling growth. The colours were predominantly a range of greens originally, so we introduced a range of complimentary colours after researching peatlands, pulling out browns and in particular a dark wine that really enhanced the green range. The outcome is soothing and classic and works well across the merchandise as well as the print.

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